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Our Processes

Our Commitment
UP-STAND is committed to being an agent of change for pregnant women and families nationwide through the creation and sales of our awareness products and services. We recognize that our customers are diverse in background, location, and experiences, and we work for you. We provide customers with high quality products  and services in a cost-effective manner, and take pride in conducting operations with transparency and efficiency. We are insured and operate under a LLC structure.

Our pricing factors in supplies and labor, and operating expenses including design, insurance, and trademarking.

As opposed to large online retailers, our products are made in small quantities to ensure quality:
UP-STAND's accessibility signage is printed and framed in-house.
Our cozies are knitted by Astorian Queens Knits. 
Greeting cards are printed by Silly Reggie, a former Astorian.
Preggy passes are also printed and cut in-house and are sealed under our supervision locally.
Our pregnancy awareness pins are handmade via a punch and press in-house.
Tanks and tees are printed at an Astoria shop, Inkz.

Our designs are trademarked and registered so you can be confident that UP-STAND is the sole provider of your goods.

Orders are shipped via USPS. Tracking is provided on all orders unless otherwise specified. 
Preggy pass orders in small quantities and all orders over $40 ship free for customers.
For other orders under $40, USPS shipping is typically $2.67. We include the cost of labels and packaging for a total charge of $2.81.
There is no profit made on shipping charges.

For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee, we consider our products to be more than a worthwhile investment to increase awareness and accommodate pregnant women and families, each and every day. We hope you agree!

If you have questions regarding our processes, please email