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What We Do

UP-STAND is a movement committed to making public spaces and transportation more accessible for pregnant women and families. 

We have a five-pronged approach to our work:

Among other projects, our goals include ensuring there is a pregnancy/family advocate on transportation authority boards, and securing more inclusive priority seating signage on public transportation.

Sign our petition to add a Pregnancy and Family Representative to the MTA's Accessibility Board now! 

Send a letter to the selection committee or write your support in electronically.

Call your local City Council Member today and ask them to support Res 1514-2017! Find your rep.

If you have an issue or item you would like us to consider addressing, please email us at

Awareness Campaigns
On TwitterInstagramFacebook and our blog, we post news related to pregnancy, parenting and accessibility (hooray for the Babies Act and BABES Act!), and bring attention to other businesses and organizations doing great things in line with our mission; we’ve shouted out MamavaWillowNoobieKrogerNYC Parks, and even stadiumsairports, and subway lines!

Community Engagement
We host, sponsor, and participate in community events to improve accessibility, health, and safety for pregnant women and families. A few of our past events include organizing a clothing drive for a women’s shelter with Bergen County Doulas, sponsoring Moms In Training, co-sponsoring the Allergy-Free Teal Table at a Halloween festival, and collaboratively hosting two park clean up events.

We offer businesses and organizations concrete recommendations and hands-on assistance to make events, spaces, and services family-friendly and accessible for all. Learn more.

Product Development and Sales

We create and sell awareness and accessibility items such as Baby on Board pins, parking passes, privacy doorhangers, and car decals. These items help pregnant women get the accommodations they need in public spaces. We offer gift sets and baby shower packages for these items as well, and sell them wholesale/for resale.

For any establishment that has a waiting area or limited seating, like doctor’s offices or coffee shops, we sell priority seating signage with custom framing so that those who are pregnant, disabled/differently abled, elderly, or have kids can better access those spaces. We also sell 'Breastfeeding Welcome Here' signs for businesses to display to support breastfeeding and pumping moms. It’s a great way for an ethical, inclusive business owner to make a small investment in accessibility with a big impact!

We personally invested in UP-STAND because we believe in its mission, and we operate based upon the sales of our awareness products. Your purchases matter!