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Rent the UPSTANDxRICA Empathy Belly

$ 25.00

Rent our empathy belly to give your clients, partner, or students a sense of what it feels like to carry a child!

This empathy belly was created by artist Rica Takashima for UPSTANDxRICA, a campaign to promote awareness and dialogue about accessibility issues for pregnant women and parents via interactive art.

It is designed to carry 20 lbs., the average abdominal weight gain by a pregnant woman. Weight can be added to the bag in the form of beans, bottled water, or sand. The backpack is worn forward facing, and has two reinforcement straps on the backside in addition to the shoulder straps, similar to a baby carrier.

  • When choosing rental time, please estimate the number of days you will be using the product, including shipping time (when no one else is able to rent it).
  • We will send you a contract before shipment to cover our artist in the event this product is damaged or lost during your rental.
  • There is no charge to ship the backpack to you, but you are responsible for shipping this item back. We will include a return address and instructions with shipment.


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