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Pair UP-STAND Pins with the Babee on Board App!

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We hear so many pregnant women say that people are too busy on their phones to look up and notice who might need a seat around them. The Babee on Board app allows riders to use Bluetooth technology to connect even when underground - pregnant women pay $5.00 for an app to request a seat, and supporters download a free app to receive alerts when a pregnant woman is requesting a seat nearby.

In London, riders are then able to look up and identify which woman around them requested the seat because pregnant women receive free Baby on Board pins through their Transportation Authority. Here in the USA, there's no institutionalized way to do that yet, but we have the solution! Use one of our UP-STAND pins so your supporters can identify who you are once they've received an alert, even if you're not showing or you're wearing bulky clothes.

The app is currently being piloted in London and is available in the U.S. Try it out in conjunction with our Pregnancy and Supporter pins now to cover all bases; then whether or not other people download the app, you're both on your phones, or you just need to identify with whom you're trying to connect, it's mission accomplished!

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