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UP-STAND works with businesses, organizations, communities, and elected officials to re-envision the places we work, play, and gather to accommodate children, pregnant women, caretakers, and parents.

    We follow the maternal and children's retail industries, accessibility legislation, and developments in medical research and universal design to create the best strategies that enable your digital and physical spaces, events, and services to become more family-friendly with reasonable accommodations and simple policies. 

    We passionately believe that everyone should have the opportunity to fully participate in and contribute to our society, and that we can provide environments that support this inclusive narrative even with limited time, a small budget, and minimal effort. 


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    UP-STAND offers phone, video and email consultations, as well as site visits. We perform data collection via surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Using this information, we provide recommendations to strengthen your accessibility both digitally (your website) and physically (at your location). All plans will be aligned with your goals, budget, and capacity.

    If you are interested in our services, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

    Our rate is $100 per hour. We extend discounts to return clients and clients who successfully refer us.


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    “I loved working with Christine. She created a plan for us within our budget to help us improve our accessibility in-store. She also helped find the right products to make some of these a reality, including sourcing pre-loved items for our eco-friendly business! Just a few improvements include a doorbell system, kid-friendly activities for the warmer months outdoors, and diapering/breastfeeding equipment if anyone finds themselves in a pinch. It’s wonderful to partner with a local expert to improve accessibility in our community-centered business.” - Kayli Kunkel, Founder of Earth & Me, a zero-waste home goods and self-care store in New York City

    "Christine helped us make our event so much better than it was the year before. She was able to quickly identify...a number of easy improvements we could make. We received a lot of appreciation from the neighborhood - and we cannot wait to work with her on our next big event." - John Wojciechowski, Community Minister, Connection Church

    "My agency had the opportunity to have Christine provide us consulting services on a unique community project. Christine came in and was so adaptable to the team and very responsive to our need. She not only delivered on our needs but went above and beyond by providing us community partnerships that helped position us to continue building on her good work beyond the consultancy period. I would not hesitate to not only bring Christine on again but refer her to other organizations." - Siveem El-Nashar, Senior Director, NYC Department for the Aging

    "UP-STAND consulting services was so helpful in coming up with a plan so we could give our nursing moms the treatment that they deserve. Through their individual plan they put together, we were able to know the pros and cons of all of our options, as well as pricing. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to create a better work environment for pregnant women and moms." - Jennifer Stewart, Human Resources, Manufacturing


    Want to make your local establishments more family-friendly? Get help here.

    Learn more about some of our clients that have become Family-Friendly Award Winners after using our services!