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Breastfeeding & Pumping Locations/Locators:

Community Spaces Open to the Public (NYC-Specific)

Mamava Pods List / Locator App

Mommy Poppins List (NYC-Specific)

Moms Pump Here App

Restroom Locators:

Mommy Poppins List (NYC-Specific)

NY Restroom Locator - Crowdsourced


New York City Official Public Restrooms Map

Changing Table Locators:



NYC Parks/Playgrounds Database: Filter for accessibility level of restrooms and play elements

Official Parks Dept. version here


Public Transportation Accessibility Information:

NYC MTA Accessible Station Information

NYC MTA Elevator and Escalator Status Information

Bus Open Stroller Pilot Program information, NYC


Traveling with Kids:

Boston Logan Airport Family Info.

Car Services (Chicago Area)

Car Services (Sydney, Australia)

Family Transfers (Europe)

Family Trip Guides

Lufthansa Family Info.

Mommy Poppins U.S. Travel Guides

Multi-Bedroom Suites / Caribbean All-Inclusive Vacation Planning

NYC Family Events & Vacations


Take Action to get better access and accommodations!

View a full list of NYC's Publicly Owned Private Spaces & submit your comments.

Want to make your local establishments more family-friendly? Get help from UP-STAND here.


Maternity / Family Resources:

A Better Balance leverages the power of the law to ensure that no worker has to make the impossible choice between their job and their health or their family. 

The Pregnancy Project provides employees and employers with the tools they need to resolve workplace issues. Attorneys handle any aspect of employment law, including workplace discrimination, sexual harassment claims, personnel policies, severance agreements, employment contracts, pregnancy and family leave laws, and more.

RISE Magazine trains parents to write and speak about their experiences in order to support parents and parent advocates and and to guide child welfare professionals in becoming more responsive to the families and communities they serve. RISE's goal is to reduce unnecessary family separations and increase the likelihood that children who are placed in foster care quickly and safely return home.
How to Protect Against Removal at Birth
‘I Didn’t Think They Would Take Him Away’

Racial and economic inequality are the defining issues of our time. A new detailed report card on racial and economic equity, The Atlas, can be found here. It is produced by PolicyLink and the USC Equity Research Institute (ERI).

Download UP-STAND's free 'Preparing for Your Leave' checklist

Click for a list of organizations contributing to / collaborating on a national call for birth justice and accountability.

Attend our group workshops or hire us as consultants to advocate for family-friendly accommodations in your workplace!