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Breastfeeding & Pumping Locations/Locators:

Airport Breastfeeding List

Community Spaces Open to the Public (NYC-Specific)

Mamava Pods List / Locator App

Mommy Poppins List (NYC-Specific)

Moms Pump Here App

Changing Table Locators:


Public Transportation Accessibility Information:

NYC MTA Station Information

NYC MTA Elevators - Outage Updates

Wheely NYC - A navigation app featuring accessible subway maps, specific directions to subway elevators, and reviews of local accessible places.

Restroom Locators:

Mommy Poppins List (NYC-Specific)

NY Restroom Locator

Traveling with Kids:

Boston Logan Airport Family Info.

Car Services (Chicago Area)

Car Services (Sydney, Australia)

Family Transfers (Europe)

Lufthansa Family Info.

Mom Aboard Vacation Planner / Trip Advisor

Mommy Poppins U.S. Travel Guides

Multi-Bedroom Suites / Caribbean All-Inclusive Vacation Planning

Printable Airport Scavenger Hunt


Want to make your local establishments more family-friendly? Get help here.


Maternity / Family Leave Resources:

A Better Balance

The Pregnancy Project

Download our free 'Preparing for Your Leave' checklist

Attend our group workshops or hire us as consultants to advocate for family-friendly accommodations in your workplace!