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UP-STAND Spotlight on Sija Bojkovic


Name: Sija Bojkovic

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Profession: Caffino Coffee Shop & Restaurant Owner; Hairdresser

Likes: Exploring, meeting new people, and watching good TV and film

Hometown: Born in Elmhurst, Sija is an Astoria, NY native!

Current City: New York, NY

I support what UP-STAND stands for, and I admire Christine for her drive and dedication towards the cause. Her passion is very inspiring. When Christine approached me about purchasing and displaying priority seating signage for our coffee shop, I immediately said yes. By displaying these signs, I’m building awareness.

I posted the priority seating signs in our coffee shop, and I tell people I know who visit or own crowded spaces about the signs as well. I’m a social person, so I use that skill to spread the word to friends and clients. I want to do even more with UP-STAND, so I’m buying a Breastfeeding Welcome Here sign today!

UP-STAND meets all aspects of accessibility - women, children, disabilities, breastfeeding…! The movement has brought a lot of things to my attention I was unaware of. I’m thankful to become more knowledgeable through following the movement on social media and learning from it. I’m not a parent, so when I see posts about lactation lounges that I’ve never been inside of, it gives me access to see behind the scenes. I try to be as helpful as I can when a situation is present (take it from us, she’s the first to walk an elderly person across the street or hold a door!) but I wasn’t aware of the problems regarding accessibility and because of UP-STAND and their solutions, I am more consciously aware.

It’s a choice to build awareness with posters like the ones UP-STAND produces and sells, it’s our responsibility to post them because we can have an impact. We can talk about these issues more, advocate for our customers and clients. Blast it out… the more, the better!

I follow the movement, I learn about it and I become more knowledgeable each day. I can’t usually attend the community events, but I am doing what I can do to support the cause and be involved. Through word of mouth and posting signs, I’ll continue to spread the word.

Thank you so much, Sija! Visit Caffino in Astoria to see our signs in action and try their amazing offerings today, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Support our advocacy efforts to accommodate pregnant women and parents nationwide by displaying our signs at your establishment or start an initiative in your neighborhood for as little as $100.00.

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